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Joshua M.

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After founding my own Tech Help Service "Boomer Tech Help", I've helped people across the age spectrum become more confident with their personal technology. My approach is to offer personalized tech help built on PERSONAL CONNECTION. I learn about your needs, and help you figure out a solution so that, in the future, you won't need to call tech support. Digital Technology contains a language. And languages are more easily learned at a young age. So I empathize with people who want to function better in the digital age but whodid not grow up with digital technology as their first language. You may consider me a "Tech Tutor" or "Tech Concierge" offering personalized, thoughtful tech support to help you solve your tech problems for good. Everything from Home-Wifi help, to setting up a new smartphone/computer, organizing your digital files, and learning about the latest life-improving apps and tools. Let me help you become confident in navigating the digital world to discover the vast ocean of resources available to you.

English Home Language

Service types
On-site Support
Remote Support

My skills
WiFi & Internet Smart Devices & TV's Smartphones Voice Mail Microsoft Office Outlook iPhone iPhone Support Android Digital Asset Management Crypto File Management File Systems Email Facebook Digital Art Digital Cameras Video Audio Digital Audio Mac Mac OS Macintosh Applications

My certifications
University Degree

Services offered
Tech Lessons, Smart Devices & TVs, Mobile Devices, Websites & Socials, Email & Other Software, Printers, Network & Internet, Other Support, Computer Support

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