"As technical experts driven by a passion for making a difference, we are dedicated to revolutionizing IT services."

Kelvin Wetherill, CEO & Founder

Kelvin, an accomplished technical founder, possessed a wealth of experience in IT services. Having spent over 25 years in the industry, he embarked on a remarkable journey that showcased his exceptional technical and business acumen.

Starting as a desktop technician, Kelvin worked his way up, acquiring Microsoft certifications along the way. His dedication and self-improvement led him to become a Senior Engineer, where he expanded his skills and knowledge.

Driven by a passion for innovation, Kelvin transitioned into the role of Solutions Architect. Leveraging his extensive experience, he pushed the boundaries of infrastructure and telecommunications solutions, pioneering new approaches within the industry.

Kelvin's ambitions extended beyond individual roles, as he successfully managed various business units within leading managed service providers (MSPs). With a deep understanding of technology and business, he optimized operations and achieved remarkable results.

Drawing on his entrepreneurial spirit, Kelvin founded and successfully grew multiple IT businesses, leveraging his technical expertise to create significant value. Despite these achievements, he recognized the need for further innovation—a vision to revolutionize the IT service industry and cater specifically to the needs of technical professionals.

Motivated by his desire for change and the dream to empower all companies out there through the use of IT, Kelvin launched Supportwave — a visionary platform designed to disrupt and digitalize the global IT service industry. The platform aimed to provide a centralized environment where IT professionals could showcase their expertise after undergoing rigorous verification and testing processes.

To ensure the platform's success, Kelvin assembled a skilled team, including Darren, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Together, they meticulously developed Supportwave, incorporating advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize workflows and enhance problem-solving capabilities. Their focus was on delivering a seamless experience for both IT professionals and clients, streamlining communication and automating repetitive tasks.

Supportwave has gained traction and adoption from MSPs and end-user business worldwide, resonating with IT professionals seeking a platform to showcase their specialized services in a trusted and verified environment.

Kelvin's journey—from technician to visionary founder—embodied his commitment to transforming the IT service landscape. Supportwave has become a symbol of change and empowerment, allowing IT professionals to focus on their core competencies within a groundbreaking platform.

With the addition of seasoned technical leaders like Darren, Kosta, Laron and Robyn, Supportwave's success was solidified. Their collective expertise in platform building, enterprise integrations, and process optimization drove continuous growth and innovation.

Kelvin's legacy as a technical founder was characterized by his passion, professionalism, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. Through Supportwave, he not only revolutionized the IT service industry but also empowered IT professionals, forever changing the global service delivery landscape.