How NerdApp is working with MSPs to solve major industry challenges

When I started NerdApp, I was passionate about creating a platform that would solve IT support needs in a highly efficient, automated way. Over time our model has shown itself to not only be valuable to businesses, but as global trends have shifted, even more so for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the IT industry.

Coming from an ICT background, I understand the pains of MSP businesses and how they all face similar challenges - especially in an evolving world where tech talent is so central to operations.

At NerdApp we understand that their priority is keeping clients happy and systems functional. Efficiency is key and we also know that maintaining a professional level of service can be tough when you’re constantly under pressure.

In Datto’s MSP Report, MSPs listed revenue growth and cybersecurity as their key primary challenges, but as the tech industry continues to face one of the highest staff turnover rates globally, it’s clear that this is having a ripple effect on service across the board. However, the remote workforce is here to stay, and the freelance IT support talent pool is growing, which is why at NerdApp, we believe many of the most pressing MSP pain points can be solved by adopting the future of IT outsourcing. IT is finally evolving!

We’ve just celebrated the launch of our new Service Provider offering and already, I am loving seeing how our system is helping MSPs scale their workforce, access high quality IT support engineers on-demand to help support their clients – whether remotely or on-site.

Here are just some of the ways that NerdApp can help alleviate some of the most common pain points to thrive in a high-pressure industry.


Pain Point 1: Not enough skilled team members

The most common phrase we hear from MSPs is ‘I can’t hire enough staff’. This means they are finding themselves unable to resource service desks and IT support engineers as well as other key IT roles. Ultimately, it prohibits them from offering a high-quality service which impacts customers with long wait times, frustrating back and forth and missed SLA (Service Level Agreements) commitments. Apart from expensive recruitment fees, time and effort, MSPs also need to retain their staff otherwise the circle continues.

NerdApp helps MSPs solve this issue by providing instant access to a global network of skilled and vetted IT professionals to service any requirement. Each Nerd on our database has been interviewed and verified to ensure clients receive the best possible support and our Nerd Search feature makes it easy to filter for specific skills and locations and finds the best possible technicians for the job.

Pain Point 2: High costs of in-house IT support staff

We understand the importance of balancing overheads for growing MSPs but employing an in-house IT support team can be cost-prohibitive. It means paying for them even when they are not actively working or whether they are able to do the work required. Permanent IT support staff also require leave pay and other benefits that can add up when it comes to paying salaries at the end of the month. Staff overheads are the costliest expense for service providers.

We’ve designed our NerdApp Service Provider platform to give businesses options for monthly or annual subscriptions and customised credit can also be purchased monthly or once off. We offer instant access to local Nerds 24/7 with Nerd Search to find the perfect Nerds.

This one monthly fee gives MSPs access to a whole host of additional integrated systems and features including things like our Remote management tool, Customer Manager, Asset and SaaS manager, IT Toolset and Bookings system and these features alleviate many business costs for the team. Nerds can be booked ad-hoc for quick requests, short- or long-term contracts or for recurring maintenance tasks that their customers need.

Pain Point 3: Inability to scale up to support revenue growth

This is a common challenge affecting small businesses across the board. Often MSPs will have great growth potential but are unable to take on projects without the team to execute the tasks to the ideal specs. Great growth opportunities come along and then these bigger projects or clients are hampered by a lack of resources – specifically humans.

We’ve considered all of this when creating our platform and tried to make it as simple and seamless as possible to quickly scale your team up or down by utilising our global network of IT talent. It’s easy to find a wide variety of IT support professionals, each with their own unique skillsets that can quickly be added to complement your existing team perfectly. Businesses can create their own elastic pools of Nerds to service specific projects or support their entire client portfolio.

Pain Point 4: A lack of resources to provide 24/7 support services and on-site support

Providing instant support 24/7 is often a non-negotiable in an MSP service offering but it can put a huge strain on a small team, not to mention the costs of three shifts to cover 24/7. Similarly, ensuring that clients can access in-person support wherever they are can become difficult when your team is stretched. It often impossible to cover all locations, even nationally.

NerdApp’s offering includes access to 24/7 remote support anywhere in the world that doesn’t rely on call centres but connects you to quality, local IT support professionals on demand. You can also find “Nerds” that are available for on-site support in certain regions (UK and USA). Imagine having the reassurance of knowing there will always be a quality Nerd available to attend to your clients’ urgent requirement or have smart hands for your edge equipment. 

Pain Point 5: Lack of systems to support a remote support team integration

MSPs rely on manual processes when using 3rd party IT support contractors for their customers. Usually when outsourced technicians are needed, they are called or emailed to check available, and the process is antiquated. This further increases wait times because scheduling isn’t automated, nor is the paperwork.

We’ve created a fully integrated and secure all-in-one solution featuring integrated systems that makes managing clients and nerds simple and efficient. All of our paid subscriptions include access to a range of tools like our IT Toolset, Hardware Asset Manager, Software Subscriptions Manager, IT Documentation Manager, Support Ticketing System, Supplier Manager and Customer Manager.

Pain Point 6: HR challenges associated with onboarding & managing 3rd party support

For most MSPs simply managing their existing team can take up a significant amount of HR time and resources, which can make taking on new 3rd party IT professionals daunting. Between researching candidates, onboarding and managing their contracts and HR requirements, businesses can be left stalled before they get started. Then there are the HR risk factors that could include ghosting, information leaks, contractual breaches, and project delays, which must all be handled internally.

We’re really proud of the standard we have set for onboarding and vetting our Nerds and the measures we have put in place to help support businesses to reduce some of their HR struggles. Each and every Nerd on our database is KYC and AML checked using AI facial recognition and ID verification for security. Our system also includes remote mobile camera access and secure remote support tools to monitor teams and ensure security at every point. With NerdApp, all the painful admin disappears, and you can focus on getting the work done.

Pain Point 7: Security concerns around remote support/using freelancers

Cybersecurity has become one of the most pressing MSP challenges and we understand that working with freelance IT support professionals can up the risks. By involving new and unknown team members and exposing them to business and client systems, there are many things that could potentially go wrong. Relying on a remote workforce that you can’t monitor from a distance can also cause sleepless nights.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that every remote job on NerdApp is part of a fully integrated, seamless and secure system. Nerds connect to customers simply with a single small file download with no need to install software or share any codes or passwords. It’s a system that has impressed both Nerds and customers and resulted in a TrustPilot rating of 4.8 out of 5 for NerdApp, which makes us super happy.

There’s no doubt the world is changing and we believe this is the future of IT support – whether for individuals, businesses, MSPs and Enterprises. At the end of the day, customers all want the same thing – an efficient, convenient and affordable solution to their IT troubles using quality, reliable IT people. To stay ahead, businesses need to be dynamic and adopt the “new way” of getting IT support services delivered.

To find out more about more about how we could support your MSP and alleviate some of your most pressing business challenges, book a free 30-minute consultation with our team who will guide you through a quick demo

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