Smart Strategy: Supportwave, leading IT Network

This edition’s Smart Strategy is Supportwave, an IT Freelancer Network that quickly scaled to a 5,000+ technician network and consistently delivers over 3,000 IT support skills in under 30 seconds with an average 4.6 score on trust pilot. We’re highlighting Supportwave because they cover 4 important trends; (1) verticalization, specifically serving the niche skill sets within IT, (2) scalability, specifically the ability to scale support globally, (3) global-local coverage, specifically the ability to provide local expertise, and (4) being enterprise ready.

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How Is The Freelance Revolution Shaping Up In Germany? CEOs Share Their Views

Most German pundits agree that 2023 is challenging on the talent front. While many people have experienced the financial and emotional difficulty of losing their job, the job market remains extremely tight overall in Germany and across the EU. According to one recent report, Germany has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU.

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Enterprise Remote Looks Poised For Growth: Meet Supportwave

This is a pivotal time in the freelance revolution. Change is accelerating. Tech advances like ChatGPT in AI are transforming how talent is curated and, more importantly, how fast it can be done at a high level of accuracy and self-service.

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The Human Cloud Podcast Ep. 86: Kelvin Wetherill, CEO & Founder - Supportwave

Leaders, our industry is in the midst of a massive transformation away from broad horizontal marketplaces and towards skill specific platforms. Take Paro for finance/accounting, or Catalant & Graphite for management consulting, the future of our industry belongs to marketplaces that can use technology and freelancer first practices to ensure a consistent, low friction, high quality experience.

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Local Manchester Business Partners With Innovative IT Support Provider To Assist Thousands Of UK SMEs

Business Stack has now officially integrated NerdApp into their intuitive support platform in a new partnership which will aid thousands of small business owners. A NEW PARTNERSHIP formed between Business Stack and NerdApp will bring a whole new level of support to thousands of businesses across the UK.

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