Is web 3.0 really the future of the internet?

In simple terms Web 3 or Web 3.0 is the next ‘version’ of the internet. 

Originally, when we first started using the internet in the 90’s, the experience was quite one-sided, allowing us to read websites online without much interaction.

With Web 2.0, suddenly we were able to consume AND create content, publishing on blogs, discussing on forums and even interacting on marketplaces like Gumtree. Next came social media and the rise of user-generated content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

But, while Web 2.0 has given us a great deal, it’s also made us heavily reliant on big tech companies to store our data and service our online needs.

Enter Web 3.0 – the next generation of the internet that focuses on shifting power from big tech companies to individual users. 

Instead of just using big tech platforms to create and operate our lives online, web 3 harnesses the power of things like blockchain and cryptocurrency so that users can actually create and own their own little ‘pieces of the internet’ becoming participants and shareholders rather than just customers or ‘products’.

In web 3, big tech’s regulations controlling how we use their platforms become irrelevant as more people make their own rules about how they want to operate online. 

It sounds great, right? But there are still things to be concerned about. 
For one, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are already under fire for their problematic impact on the environment. Then there are the implications for privacy, online governance and censorship that are already starting to make lawmakers scratch their heads. 

However you feel about web 3, if you look at the big trends in tech, it easy to see how the internet is always evolving and that we will continue to rely on it to stay connected for work, play and more. 

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