NerdApp Enables the Human Cloud for Tech Support Globally

Are you a part of the human cloud? The term refers to the invisible “cloud” of online independent workers using nothing but a computer and internet connection to do jobs from all over the world. 

These independent workers are not employed but rather are part of the gig economy, picking up simple tasks or projects to be performed remotely. Tasks range from data research and capture, content creation to more complex jobs like entering code, video editing or offering IT support.

NerdApp supports the human cloud by offering remote and on-site IT support for SME’s and households in more than 30 countries. IT professionals making use of NerdApp can build their client database and supplement their income, while NerdApp takes care of marketing, invoicing, payments and more!

There are many online platforms, similar to NerdApp that feed the human cloud by connecting independent workers with employers in need of skilled tasks – like Upwork, Task Rabbit, Fiverr or Toptal. Some large corporations are even building their own ‘custom clouds’ to meet their specific needs. 

The human cloud can supplement staffing needs or break up complex tasks into small, bite-size tasks that multiple people can tackle at once. It gives companies access to a greater talent pool, reduces staffing costs, and fills skills gaps for certain industries.

By giving businesses access to IT support with a ready supply of on-demand, trusted technicians, NerdApp adds value to IT departments, saving them money and giving them access to end-user tech specialists as and when they need them.

“NerdApp supports IT professionals to dive into the gig economy, where they can use their skills and work to their own schedule to earn an income – even if they have full time jobs and want to earn by the hour in their spare time,” says NerdApp founder Kelvin Wetherill.

Some say the human cloud represents a flexible work revolution, enabling the “Future of Work”, and allowing workers to be rewarded according to their effort and output. According to a recent Staffing Industry Analysts report, employers spent between $2.8bn and $3.7bn globally last year on human cloud payments which proves the gig economy is here to stay and the human cloud will continue to grow.

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