Simple tips to ensure your child’s safety online

As modern-day parents, it’s no longer an option to avoid uncomfortable conversations with your children about internet safety and restrictions. It’s become more important than ever to guide and support children as they find their way through the maze of the internet in 2022. 

As technology continues to evolve and progress, there are unfortunately always new risks for parents to navigate. For instance, the introduction of disappearing Whatsapp messages has raised serious concerns of children being exposed to things like abuse, bullying, self-harm and sexually explicit content.  

So, what can you do, as a parent, to protect your kids from internet dangers?

Educate and communicate 
Be transparent and approachable when educating children about the dangers of the web, and they may feel more inclined to come to you if something is not right. Children need to understand the potential dangers they face and also know that they have a safe space to turn if they feel at risk. 

Set ground rules
Every parent will testify it’s not always easy setting ground rules for internet usage. Kids and teens in particular will inevitably struggle but without them, bad habits quickly become the norm. Start early and ensure kids understand why the rules exist. Give them time to use the internet for practical purposes as well as fun and encourage them to share their experiences with you.

Use tech to your benefit
Parental controls on devices allow parents to have some peace of mind as their kids grow and develop their relationship with the online world. Some devices have built-in parental control options while others can be installed. You can even buy a dedicated internet-safe phone for younger children that will limit distractions and dangers and still allow communication and some fun. Speak to other parents to see which they use and recommend. 

Use a VPN
If you’re concerned about strangers potentially accessing sensitive information about your children, a VPN could help. Choose a paid subscription for the most secure connection and encryption of data, preventing anyone from seeing the device’s true locations and activities.
Check out our quick guide to choosing a VPN here

Speak to a Nerd at Nerdapp to get on-demand IT support and advice on the best and most up to date applications and systems to offer protection and support for your children online. 

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