5 Tips for gig workers to take a holiday

Freelancing and being part of the rising gig economy is a great way to increase your work flexibility and freedom but what happens when it’s time to take a holiday?

Studies like a recent one by HoneyBook revealed that 92% of American freelancers work during their vacation with 60% of them working because they feel they have to. 

As a gig worker, time off often means lost income and can potentially mean lost clients or opportunities. But the reality is that it’s not sustainable to keep working without a break and the benefits of a holiday for personal health and wellbeing are immeasurable. In fact, studies show that time off makes people more happy and productive when they return to work. 

So, how can self-employed contractors and gig workers get time off without compromising their income or client relationships?

1. Understand that you need a break.
Don’t try to be a hero and keep going past your body and mind’s limits. Understand that you need to take time off and believe that you deserve it so that you make it a priority.  

2. Set aside a holiday budget. 
During the year, work out what costs need to be set aside for your time off and work hard when you can to ensure you have enough to cover your vacation, personal and business expenses. 

3. Take a break at the right time for you
The festive period can be a good time to have a holiday since so many other businesses are closed, but for some, this time is a busy period where you could be on call. Stay agile and choose your time off to suit your own busy or quieter periods – then make the most of it. 

4. Give clients time to prepare
Give your clients notice that you will be taking time off and try to wrap up any urgent projects in time. Make sure clients know when you will be gone, how long and how they can contact you in case of an emergency. 

5. Set Up and auto-response emailer
To avoid missing any important prospects, set up an auto-response email to let people know you are away and when to expect you back. You can also include an emergency message service so you can call anyone important back.  

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