5 Tips to stay Agile in the Gig Economy

5 tips to stay agile in the gig economy

Many people have transitioned into freelance roles and gig work in the UK over the past year and a half, and some may be feeling a bit lost and uncertain of where to go next.

However, those who have been working freelance for many years will tell you that it’s actually a constant shift between different phases – and so, it’s best to stay agile and curious and not get too caught up when you feel like you may have lost traction or direction.

Being a part of the gig economy isn’t always a straight path. Rather, it’s best to embrace the different phases of freelance life and try to keep thinking ahead and planning for the next phase.

Here are some tips to embrace the ebbs and flows of gig work.

1) Try things you think you’re not good at

Don’t get put off trying things that feel a bit out of our skillset. Look into industries or areas of work that are closely related to yours or even a totally new area where you have a lot of interest and challenge yourself to try something new.

2) Embrace the boring jobs

Remember that even the most glamorous Youtubers sometimes have to do spreadsheets to pay the bills. Don’t be too quick to dismiss tedious bread and butter jobs because they can keep you going during a dip.

3) Keep investing in yourself

Treat yourself the way you would want your dream company to treat you. Make sure you get time to rest, upskill, research and be creative and learn to work at your own pace. The more rounded you are as an individual, the more agile your business will be.

4) Know when to outsource

It can be stressful to have to deal with all the business admin, marketing and sales yourself. Work smarter by outsourcing the things you dread and focus on doing what you do best.

5) Go with the flow

Some days will be more challenging than others. Accept that there will be good days, bad days, good months and bad months and try to remember that dips in motivation, inspiration or income will often be followed with another peak.

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