NerdApp offers solution to lockdown tech problems

England is now in its third lockdown, and children are reverting back to remote learning. Parents and students are adapting lifestyles and readjusting their working environments yet again. It puts heavy reliance on home computers and devices.

“With nowhere to go, the whole household is online and the need for tech support is at its highest. Toddlers watching Trolls, parents working from home and the massive increase of viewership on YouTube, Netflix and Sky Go. Online education has also shifted drastically, all showing how important our computers, mobile phones and TV’s are to us in present times. This leaves us with no surprise that 70% of consumers have increased their time using a smartphone during the pandemic” (source: Statista), commented Kelvin Wetherill of NerdApp.

Unfortunately, systems do break down at the worst possible moment. Obtaining rapid computer diagnostic repairs and Wifi troubleshooting is essential. No one can afford to have a computer, TV or smartphone out of use at this critical time.

This is where NerdApp can help. NerdApp connects anyone who needs IT support to Nerds in their area (or remotely) by the hour, on-demand, just like calling an Uber or ordering Deliveroo.

It means that customers can get the service they need throughout lockdown 3.0 and enjoy a smooth sailing technical experience. All types of tech support are available including cell phone and computer support as well as diagnostic repairs and tech lessons.

NerdApp is the world’s first global tech support B2C, C2C and B2B App, providing a way to connect with people who can provide immediate local help with tech issues, whatever they may be. No monthly costs are involved.

So, don’t panic if your computer or smartphone develops a problem – just go to to find someone to help, fast!

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