Remote IT-Support Service NerdApp Goes Global in World First

A remote IT services app, dubbed the ‘Uber’ for IT Support, is going global in a ground-breaking move amidst the Covid19 pandemic. 

NerdApp, which connects home and small business users with hourly, on-demand computer support from IT ‘Nerds’ at the touch of a button, has become the world’s first global tech support App following its hugely successful beginnings as a London based service. 

NerdApp will now offer remote IT support, for both PC and Apple users, in countries as far as Europe, South Africa, the USA, and even Australia. The service is currently only offered in English. On-site support is available in the UK and more areas will be included as Nerds sign up to offer their tech support services on the platform. 

The app’s founder, Kelvin Wetherill, says: ‘Covid19 has accelerated the way we were always going to work, remotely and according to our availability, perfecting the work-life balance. 

‘People now control their own work environment in a way that best suits them, while at the same time businesses realise massive savings by not paying for large office space, maintenance, furniture, canteens, and many other costs which aren’t needed anymore.’

The service was conceived in response to the increasing popularity of ‘gig-culture’ – a form of flexible working which gives workers more control of their earnings and schedule – and has seen a surge in demand during lockdown. But the team behind NerdApp think this new shift towards working-from-home has changed the world for good.
Wetherill says: ‘Gig culture is here to stay, enabling remote work - wherever and whenever, based on convenience and skills. We can order food or a taxi using an App, now IT support is on-demand.”

With NerdApp, all the hassles of invoicing, payments and marketing are covered by the service, meaning “Nerds” have more freedom to concentrate on the job at hand, provide a seamless customer service and get paid by the hour.

NerdApp encourages IT professionals to explore the gig economy, whereby they can control their earnings and work on their own schedule – whether they have full time jobs and want to earn by the hour, after hours, or would like to take the jump towards freelance jobs.

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