NerdApp and the Freelance Movement Join Forces to co-create the Future of Work.

NerdApp is thrilled to announce our Partnership with The Freelance Movement. 

The Freelance movement is the largest Gig and Platform Economy group in Northern Europe. Members include platforms from multiple sector verticals such as employment companies like Gigger and UpGig, Influencers Ubooker, education ( and transport and delivery like Uber, Wolt, and now IT Services featuring NerdApp. 

The collaboration brings some exciting developments in the coming year where we will be joining forces to work on a new benchmarking study “Digitalisation and the labour market of tomorrow” as well as events and education across Northern Europe. 

NerdApp Founder Kelvin Wetherill says “ Active involvement in shaping the future of work in the platform economy is of utmost importance. This necessitates comprehending workers' rights, tax laws, AI regulations, and other related aspects. The Freelance Movement is an ideal collaborator to tackle these crucial topics.” 

To find out more, you can listen to Caitlin McGregor (NerdApp CMO) who joins Glen Hodgson, Founder and CEO of Free Trade Europa on his podcast The New Gig or download the The Future of Work Study. which was commissioned by the group in 2022. 

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